Nice to Meet You!

We LOVE Baking Cookies!

All of our cookies are hand crafted with pride and attention to detail, from original recipes using the best ingredients (no preservatives or weird unpronouncable stuff), that we created with a specific goal:

We want each cookie to be a special experience for the person enjoying it.  One they would want to repeat and tell their family and friends about.


Our head baker Jill would NEVER write this about herself, so we wrote it for her.  She's been baking your cookies for almost four years. She's always had a love and talent for baking.  (If you ever get a chance, you should try her warm soft pretzels.)  She is responsible, conscientious, efficient, and an extremely hard worker. 

We are a small, two-family owned business.  In addition to Jill, we have a five person team dedicated to delivering you (or your clients, friends and family) the best cookie experience possible.  For us, it’s not so much about the cookies as it is about the smiles a great cookie brings.  So we do our best every day to deliver great cookies!