About Us

Smith Family- Caleb, Laura, and Rose

My wife Laura and I started Smitten Sweets in February 2016, just five months after our daughter Rose was born. We started the company because we wanted to build something that allowed us to do the things we loved, while supporting our family. Laura was staying at home with Rose and I worked for a company in Boise developing business to business relationships. 

We discovered that creating and baking cookies was a phenomenal way to use our strengths and pursue the future we wanted. For Laura at the time it was a way to engage with new people and create at home, for me it was a way to do something I always wanted- build a company to support my family.  

The Cookies

All of our cookies are hand crafted, original recipes that we created with a specific goal. We want each cookie to be a unique experience for the person enjoying it. We will continue to grow our offering and will always strive to bring you something new and fantastic.