Smitten Business Membership Information

We use Smitten Sweets because their cookies are delicious, their service saves us time and money and allows us to concentrate on other things!

- Smitten Sweets Client in Boise Idaho

How it Works

Sending cookies to clients? Referral Partners? Employees?

We have got you covered!

We provide the cookies and the packages and combine them with your company branding (i.e. stationary, labels, etc.) to create a personalized experience! The ways to personalize your recipients’ experience are endless.

When we deliver your cookies, we take it very seriously. Our goal is not to simply get cookies from point A to point B - we strive to deliver your cookies to your recipient in person so that we can represent your company and tell them why they are getting their gift.

And it Works!

We have story after story from our clients about how their membership with Smitten Sweets has gained them new clients and increased their word of mouth referrals. Let us show you the power of a membership with Smitten Sweets today.

How Do I Sign Up?

Email with your company name and how you would like us to contact you!

Beautiful boxes of cookies