Cookies and Coffee Pack

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We have partnered up with Barkin Buddha Java (our FAVORITE local coffee company) to bring you this pack. Each pack comes with a bag of whole bean coffee, and a 6 pack of our cookies. 

Step 1- Pick your roast

Step 2- Pick your coffee

Step 3-Add to cart! 

Coffee that Cares

Barkin Buddha Java is a unique boutique coffee company located in Boise Idaho. Our mission is to support animals in need that are living in shelters and rescues. There are many animal shelters, and rescue organizations throughout the United States, that run on a shoestring budget, and only have limited resources for animals in need. Barkin Buddha Java donates a percentage of each of bag of coffee purchased to help support animal shelters and animal rescue organizations.

The best part about our coffee is the animals we serve, and the customers who support our cause.